Digital Detox Day 8, 9, 10, 11

So I had to lump these all together because I’ve been busy in the ER and trying to catch up in other areas of my life (a.k.a. take my Christmas tree down and try to clean up some of my house!) It’s crazy how busy I’ve been and trying to stay on top of things!

I’m still continuing with this, but have had some time in the past few days where I have logged on for about 5 minutes at a time to Instagram. I’ve changed the content of my posts and am preferring to share random things that make me happy (my latte art and Goosey) rather than my body, my food and my macros. I’m still logging off and staying off throughout most of the day, which is a huge success for me. I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t log on what-so-ever, but I have. And that’s ok with me. I’ve drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on there!

I am finally at a happy balance with my ER job, my time with WAG and my personal life. Although my hours have been increased with my ER job just due to demand and people on leave, I enjoy it much more now. I have a different perspective on it. I’m up for 3 evening shifts starting today and Monday was SO busy, so I’m praying to the ER Gods that I have a few nice days! I knew Saturday and Sunday we’d be paying for it after it was 50+ degrees here in Pittsburgh.

But anyways, I’m still doing this, still noting some things down about it and still enjoying the extra free time!

Digital Detox Day 7

I woke up exhausted today. I’m back at the ER this weekend and feel like I’m dragging. RAW is really catching up to me!

Another day of the digital Detox down. I spent the day yesterday catching up on emails, working out and then in the afternoon I went ice skating with my mom. It was awesome and we spent 2 hours ice skating. I came home and was exhausted. I spent the afternoon drinking coffee and relaxing on the
couch watching some TV. It was a wonderful afternoon.

I’m still feeling great about the Detox. I still feel a bit more productive and that I am focusing on the important things in my life rather than those fake profiles. Onto day 7.

Digital Detox Day 6

Digital Detox Day 6

6 days already? It seems like it’s been forever. Yesterday was a much better day for me in terms of staying off of the computer and away from my phone. I did have to get about 2 hours of work done with e-mails, but then stayed off of the computer the rest of the day.

My sister came over and we painted our nails (gelish all the way) and then we did some coloring together. It was her birthday, so we ended up going out to dinner afterwards, which was delicious.

I’m still trying to find that balance of feeling like I need to be doing something constantly while enjoying my time off. Some days it’s great to do absolutely nothing and just lay on the couch and watch TV or read, but then the next day I get this thought in my head that I should be doing more. I’m just trying to go with the flow and let life happen as it may and so far that has been bringing me a decent amount of peace.

I’ve been making espresso like a fiend, both decaf and caffeinated but loving the process of making it and then enjoying it snuggled on the couch under a warm blanket. This weekend will be a challenge for me as I’m back to work and that’s usually when I tend to use my phone more often. But if we’re busy enough, I don’t notice it. I plan on brining my kindle though to keep me occupied instead.

I will tell you though that the “cravings” to log back into Instagram on my phone and online are still there. I still feel like “What would be the big deal if I just looked for a second?” The big deal is that I would end up down some rabbit hole, 5 pages deep wondering how I got there after wasting 1 hour of my day. This is still good for me. The cravings are getting less, but still there…especially at night.