Checking In

Hey guys! I have not gone AWOL but I have gone a bit MIA.

I’ve taken some time this past weekend, thanks to the help of a fellow Team WAG coach to really think about my priorities in life in order to live a more balanced, stress free, and mindful way. All I can say at this point is that I have never been at more peace after the information she’s given me and the words she’s encouraged me with.

At this point, I will not be checking in with a weekly update this week, as things have been a bit off this past week and I’m trying to continue to find my priorities in life that make me happy and keep me happy. I’m not sure that this blog is doing that at this point.

So I will continue to post, but as for right now I’m taking a bit of a break. Maybe with my anniversary trip coming up, I will find a renewed sense of wanting to blog and sharing everything with everyone, but right now I need some time with myself and my mind only.

I know you’ll all understand. That’s for reading and stopping by. :)

Weekly Update

Monday means a fresh start and a new week, but it also means it’s time to look back on last week and see how things went with training, macros, and body composition!

Starting weight: 160 lbs
Last week’s average weight: 145.8 lbs
This week’s average weight: 147.9 lbs
Difference: +2.1 lbs

Current Macros:
Protein: 140 grams
Carbs: 230 grams
Fat: 52 grams

Progress Pictures:

– – – – –

The best way I can describe this week was…off. I got my cycle this week which shot my weight back up from 144 to 149.8 lbs. I usually gain about 3-4 lbs with my cycle so I wasn’t really surprised by that. I felt bloated, huge, and like I had lost all of my progress. Isn’t being female awesome?!

Anyways, after eating most of the pantry last week with cravings, this week I felt like I wasn’t hungry at all…which is again normal for me with my cycle. This weekend with Halloween I tried my best, but didn’t really end up tracking because we had a big Halloween party and I more or less focused on spending time with my guests and having fun.

Waking up this morning I will be honest and admit I was still freaking out because my body weight was still up to 146.4, but when I compare last week’s pictures to this week’s pictures…I think they look pretty similar and I’m happy with that. While the goal with the reverse diet is to not gain much weight at all, these few days around the end of my cycle are a bit different and I’m 95% confident my weight will get back down to 145, which is exactly where I want to be.

Even if I do gain a small amount of weight while going through this reverse diet, I’m ok with that because I know I can always do a little mini cut if I want to, but right now I don’t even think I’ve reached the top of my maintenance calories.

Training this week was ok. I went too heavy on snatches one day and definitely paid for it with my back. I took two full rest days this weekend just to let myself recover and yesterday when I woke up I had zero pain in my back. It was a really nice surprise. Physical therapy is going well although it’s getting harder with the exercises my PT wants me to do. I’m convinced PT is physical torture.

I’m still doing the ROMWOD workouts everyday and I really think they are making a difference. When I’m finished with them I feel great and my back is definitely slowly improving each week. I’m still not doing anything heavy but I did manage to do overhead squats with 105 today with only a little bit of discomfort. My PT has also cleared me to do RDLs with a 15 lb training bar! YAY!

I’m in a great place right now and I hope to keep that going through this week. Last week was tough getting everything ready for Halloween but now I’ve got 3 days of downtime to just relax, recover and do what I want.

I’ve realized that I’d like to do more reading rather than looking at my smart phone and I have two great books lined up right now. I love this transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. I love Halloween the most, but I love the comfy cozy feeling of the fall going into winter!

I’m also excited and keep forgetting that I ordered a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and hoping that it comes in this week!

I am also practicing using more gratitude and positivity in my life while also shifting away from impatience. It’s really hard for me because I think ER totally sets us up to be impatient, but I’m really trying to hard to make that shift in my mind.

I think that’s it for this week! On to bigger and better things this upcomming week!

I’m So Connected!

Think about this for a second:

You’re scrolling through Facebook, passing the time at work, home, school, at the grocery store, where ever, when you see a post from an “acquaintance.” You know; the person that you’re friends with because you’ve actually only talked to them one time in real life, but you have about 5 mutual friends between the two of you, but you would realistically never hang out in public. That type of person, you got it?

You see that they post about the passing of a close relative, favorite pet, or something about a very tragic accident that they’ve had happen recently in their life. You sit there and you read through the comments all appropriately saying, “so sorry for your loss,” “you’re in my prayers,” “is there anything I can do to help” from again, more acquaintances. You start typing a response to go with the flow, do what everyone else is doing, and try to cheer that person up.

But then you realize I barely know this person. I see them at class, or at the gym, or at work every three weeks, or in the grocery store every 2 months. But you don’t see them on a regular basis. You don’t have their cell phone number. You don’t know where their house is. You don’t know much about them with the exception that you’re friends on Facebook.

So is it appropriate then, to go with the flow like everyone else, and post a comment?

I realized the conundrum of this type of scenario today. I saw a post like this on Facebook from an acquaintance and almost posted a reply to the comments. Then I sat there for a few moments to really think about it. If I saw this person in public, would I really say this comment to them in real life? Would I know that this tragic event happened to them? Would they even tell me these private details and allow me to be privy to this information? Probably not.

Just in the manner that “if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all” should apply to the internet and social media, I’m kinda of the belief that if you wouldn’t say it in person (whether it’s mean or even nice) then it’s not really appropriate to voice. I may be in the minority here, but this is something I really believe in.

Our communication now-a-days is based upon interaction with a screen rather than interaction with a human being’s voice on the other end of the telephone or even face to face in person. How many phone numbers do you really know now? How many addresses do you remember by heart. How about birthday’s? Important dates? Anniversaries?

While people say that we’re more connected than ever, I’m pretty sure I need to disagree. While we may have “more friends on Facebook,” I feel like I have less friends in real life and I happen to know even less about those friends because they’re now always posting on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing is a secret or a surprise anymore.

“Oh! You’re having a baby??”…“…yeah, didn’t you see my cute post on Facebook?” 

“Oh! You bought a new house?!”…“Yeah, didn’t you see how beautiful the picture was on Facebook?”

Well yes, but sometimes it’s nice to hear those important life events and announcements vocally and from a person standing in front of you. Those are big life events, that should be shared personally and not only on Facebook.

I feel like people think now that Facebook is just a substitute for real life communication. We sit in living rooms without our friends, heads down, focused on screens and what’s happening in the Facebook world rather than the interactions and connections that we’re making in real life. Some people say, “I’m so connected to all of my friends and relatives.” But are you really connected? Are you really involved in their life or are you just scrolling through?